Fil Eisler

was a member of the Robbie Williams Band from 1997 until 2001.

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Fil Eisler composes music that faithfully embodies both story and character. Known for his signature themes and inventive dramatic solutions, his work can be heard on the upcoming films "How To Be Single," starring Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson, "CHiPs" starring and directed by Dax Shepard, and scifi/thriller feature "The Titan" starring Sam Worthington and Taylor Schilling. Eisler served as the primary composer for Sundance 2016's poignant documentary, "Newtown." He composed the main title theme and acted as music director for the documentary, organizing and leading an all-star line up of over a dozen Hollywood composers who each donated a piece of music for the film. Fil started his career as a touring musician, and he has traveled, recorded and written with artists, producers and composers as diverse as Robbie Williams, Ryan Adams, Marco Beltrami, Dave Stewart, Imogen Heap, Jesse Malin, Kim Caldwell, Kylie Minogue, Brian May, Holly Johnson, and many others. His stage name is iZLER.