Josie Cliff

personal assistant

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Josie started off as Robbie Williams' personal assistant but quickly became an integral part of his life. Later on, she became his manager.

Robbie once said: "I love Josie. I would do anything for her. If she didn’t work for me, I'd class her as a friend." While maintaining a low public profile, Josie has previously said: "Working with Robbie is a challenge and a joy. For me, every single day is a privilege."

Josie has been by Robbie's side for more than a decade planning every aspect of his professional and personal life and was widely credited as the key figure behind Robbie's success as a solo artist. She was on call 24/7 and even stayed at Robbie's house when he was staying in America. She was responsible for making sure Robbie was where he should be, even to the point of accompanying him to the dentist. Josie was always seen quietly in the background in documentaries, and sometimes bouncing away at the side of the stage during his performances; she often had to scold Robbie and his friend Jonathan Wilkes for their backstage schoolboy antics. Robbie often turned to her during interviews if unsure about something, and Josie was always there with the answer.

In September 2003, Josie got married to Lee Lodge, the producer of Robbie's live shows. The wedding took place in Malibu and Robbie sung a medley of his hits - including Angels - backed by just an acoustic guitar, as a thank you for her long time devotion.

In 2014 she left ie:music and is now working in the USA alongside James Corden.