Paul Spong

Paul Spong was a member of the Robbie Williams Band from 1999 until 2003.

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For 25 years Paul Spong has played with some of the world's finest musicians. Starting as a trumpet player with The National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Great Britain and The European Youth Jazz Orchestra Paul then went on to tour and record with internationally renowned artists such as Wham, Elton John and George Michael.

Paul started working in motion pictures appearing and playing in the Paul McCartney film 'Give My Regards To Broad Street' and playing on the Francis Ford Coppolla and George Lucas film 'Tucker'. Paul also featured as Music Supervisor for American Daylight and Shoreditch. Paul also played on the soundtrack and appeared in Captain Correlli Mandolin as the Italian band leader. Paul has also featured on soundtracks for Tomorrow Never Dies, Loves Labour Lost and many more.

During his career Paul has toured with Wham, Elton John, Charlie Watts, Wet Wet Wet, Robbie Williams, Pete Townshend Quadrophenia, Chris Rea, George Michael and many other international renowned musicians.