Robbie Williams has 29 tattoos, the most recent of which is 'Ace of Spades'.

Map of body front side Maori Prayer Lion's Head Born to be Mild Elvis Grant Me Serenity Swallows Chacun A Son Gout 1023 Take That Pyramid and UFO Sigil of Archangel Michael Staffordshire Knot Teddy Bear Morecambe & Wise David Enthoven

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Map of body back side Celtic Cross The Christian Jack Farrell All You Need Is Love B Hearts Mother I Love You Eye of Horus Burslem Coat of Arms L-O-V-E A The Two Ronnies The Saint Fez Ace of Spades Jack Farrell Hearts Mother I Love You
Celtic Cross

#1 - Celtic Cross - 1993

On Robbie's right thigh is a Pagan Celtic cross meant for protection; Robbie clarifies in an interview that he has the devil inside him. He got this, his first tattoo, while he was a member of Take That.

Maori Prayer

#2 - Maori Prayer - 1998

The Maori tribal was tattooed by New Zealand artist Te Rangitu Netana. The tattoo is based on a shark and the sea. The shark protects Robbie against himself, and the sea represents his swiftness of mind.

Lion's Head

#3 - Lion's Head - 1999

The lion's head is a clear representation of a lion's characteristics: strength, manliness and virility.

Born to be Mild

#4 - Born to be Mild - 1999

Born to be Mild is a variation of the English song title 'Born to Be Wild' by The Troggs.

Elvis Grant Me Serenity

#5 - Elvis Grant Me Serenity - 2000

In rehab Robbie learned the prayer 'Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference'. Since Robbie is a big fan of Elvis Presley, he devotes the prayer to him. Robbie also says the prayer together with his band before going on stage, ending with 'Thank you very much' in Elvis style.

The Christian

#6 - The Christian - 2000

This tattoo shows Jesus on a cross with the Virgin Mary below it and some angels around them. It features the name 'Jack', a homage to his late grandfather Jack Farrell.

Jack Farrell

#7 - Jack Farrell - 2000

Robbie has 'Jack' tattooed on one wrist and 'Farrell' on the other, a reference to his late grandfather.

All You Need Is Love

#8 - All You Need Is Love - 2001

The notes and words of the first line of the chorus of the Beatles song 'All You Need is Love' are tattooed on his lower back.


#9 - B - 2002

Behind his right ear he has the letter 'B' tattooed, a homage to his late grandmother Betty.


#10 - Hearts - 2003

Below both 'Jack' and 'Farrell' Robbie has a tattoo of a heart (one on each wrist).


#11 - Swallows - 2003

The two swallows represent freedom and loyalty. Robbie says the birds also represent his female fans.

Chacun A Son Gout

#12 - Chacun A Son Gout - 2003

On his chest Robbie has the French words 'Chacun a son gout' tattooed. He thought it was very painful, every 15 minutes he needed a break because of the pain. Years later his (French speaking) wife Ayda told him the saying is actually 'A chacun son gout' meaning 'To each his own (taste)'.


#13 - 1023 - 2003

The number 1023 represents the initials of Robbie's best friend Jonathan Wilkes; J being the 10th letter of the alphabet and W the 23rd letter. Jonathan has the number 1823 tattooed on his thigh, representing RW.

Mother I Love You

#14 - Mother I Love You - 2005

Robbie has tattoos in Old English saying 'Mother' on the back of his lower right arm and 'I Love You' on the back of his left lower arm.

Eye of Horus

#15 - Eye of Horus - 2005

On his neck Robbie has an Eye of Horus tattoo, to protect him from evil spirits. Horus is an Egyptian deity, most often depicted as a falcon and known for his omniscient eye.

Burslem Coat of Arms

#16 - Burslem Coat of Arms - 2005

Robbie has a tattoo of the coat of arms of Burslem, one of the six towns of the city Stoke-on-Trent. Robbie grew up in this area.


#17 - L-O-V-E - 2007

After meeting his wife Ayda, he got a tattoo with the letters L-O-V-E, each letter on a finger on his left hand. At first he had a rectangle around the letter L, to indicate he was a learner in love. A few years later he had the rectangle removed.

Take That

#18 - Take That - 2009

In 2009 Robbie met up with the other ex-members of Take That to bury the hatchet. That went so well that he decided to have a tattoo of the Take That logo: he said it was a part of his life and always will be.


#19 - A - 2010

The A on his right ring finger represents the name of his wife, Ayda, and is in place of wearing a wedding ring.

Pyramid and UFO

#20 - Pyramid and UFO - 2011

Robbie supports the theory that UFOs have visited the earth with pyramids as their landing platform. He met his wife Ayda at a UFO spotting event.

Sigil of Archangel Michael

#21 - Sigil of Archangel Michael - 2011

Sigils are believed to summon angels or demons, in this case to summon the Archangel Michael. This sigil is believed to be used to protect oneself against evil forces.

Staffordshire Knot

#22 - Staffordshire Knot - 2012

Robbie and his ancestors are from Staffordshire. Robbie also chose the Staffordshire knot as the logo for his clothes brand 'Farrell'.

Teddy Bear

#23 - Teddy Bear - 2014

Robbie has a teddy bear with a letter T on its belly, for his daughter Theodora (Teddy) Rose. He says she saved his life in multiple ways.

Morecambe & Wise

#24 - Morecambe & Wise - 2016

Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise were an iconic British comic act, working in variety, radio, film and most successfully in television. Robbie says they were a big influence in his youth.

The Two Ronnies

#25 - The Two Ronnies - 2016

The Two Ronnies was a comedy sketch show of the double act of Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, the two Ronnies of the title. Robbie says growing up watching them on television has influenced his life a lot.

The Saint

#26 - The Saint - 2017

Sir Roger Moore was an English actor, best known for his role as James Bond. After his death on May 23, 2017 Robbie got a tattoo of the logo of the television series 'The Saint', another significant role of Moore's.

David Enthoven

#27 - David Enthoven - 2017

Just below the Take That logo you can see the letters D and E, the initials of David Enthoven. He was Robbie's long-term manager who died at the age of 72 in 2016.


#28 - Fez - 2017

Tommy Cooper (1921-1984) was a British comedian and magician. He was famed for his red fez, which Robbie has tattooed on his left wrist.

Ace of Spades

#29 - Ace of Spades - 2017

Motorhead were an English rock band formed in June 1975 by bassist, singer, and songwriter Ian Fraser (Lemmy) Kilmister, who was the sole constant member, guitarist Larry Wallis and drummer Lucas Fox. One of their most famous songs is Ace of Spades. Robbie has a tattoo of the symbol on his right hand, between his thumb and index finger.