Robbie Williams has 34 tattoos, the most recent of which is 'Children's Date of Births'.

Children's Date of Births

#34 - Children's Date of Births - 2022

Robbie Williams recently spoke about his struggles with numbers, revealing that he is "numerically dyslexic" and has difficulty remembering important dates. He recounted an amusing anecdote about how he would often forget the fourth number in the address of his old house in LA, and had to constantly ask for help. But it wasn't just addresses that caused him trouble. When asked for his children's dates of birth during a visit to the optician with his two oldest children, Teddy and Charlie, Robbie found himself drawing a blank. Fearing he would be exposed as an unfit father, he quickly excused himself to "take a call" and secretly wrote down the dates. Despite his difficulties, Robbie is not one to give up easily. In fact, he recently got a new tattoo as a way to help him remember his children's birthdates. The tattoo features a series of numbers arranged in a specific order, with each number representing the birthdate of one of his children.

Coco Chanel

#33 - Coco Chanel - 2022

On Robbie Williams' right arm, in addition to his Talk Shit Boy tattoo, there is also a tattoo of the Coco Chanel logo. The musician revealed that this tattoo is a tribute to his youngest daughter, who shares the name with the famous fashion brand.

Robbie Williams mentioned that while he has tattoos dedicated to Teddy and Coco, he has yet to get one for his oldest son, Charlie. However, the musician has revealed that he has a plan for a unique and personal tattoo to honour his son. Robbie intends to have a drawing that Charlie made of "The Flash" superhero tattooed onto his body. It's not clear when or where he plans to get the tattoo, but it's clear that he sees it as a way to express his love for his son and the bond they share. Robbie is still undecided what tattoo he'll get to honour his youngest son Beau.

Talk Shit Boy

#32 - Talk Shit Boy - 2022

Robbie Williams has recently revealed that he has a new tattoo on his right arm, which he created in collaboration with artist Ed Godrich. The tattoo features a character that the musician affectionately calls "Talk Shit Boy". According to Williams, he and Godrich have been working on a number of artistic projects together, and the Talk Shit Boy character was just one of them. While it's unclear exactly what inspired the character, it's clear that Williams is proud of it and wanted it to become a permanent part of his body art. Interestingly, it seems that Godrich was not aware that the character had been named Talk Shit Boy. Williams admits that he came up with the name on his own and hadn't yet informed Godrich of his decision.


#31 - Simha - 2022

On the inside of his left arm, just above the Coat of Arms, Robbie has a tattoo of the word "Simha" which means "Happiness" in Hebrew.

The X Factor

#30 - The X Factor - 2018

Robbie Williams and Louis Tomlinson share a bond that goes beyond just being judges on The X Factor. The two have developed a close friendship that led them to get matching 'X' tattoos backstage, under the guidance of a professional tattoo artist. The result - as seen in the picture - is a testament to their strong bond, with Robbie's tattoo on the left and Louis' on the right. Despite some initial concern from Robbie that he had "fucked up" the tattoo by going too deep when Louis moved, the end result left them both thrilled with their new ink. Their matching tattoos serve as a visible symbol of their friendship and shared experience on the popular talent show.

David Enthoven

#29 - David Enthoven - 2017

"DE" may be just two letters, but they carry a profound significance for Robbie. The tattoo on his right wrist pays tribute to the late David Enthoven, who served as Robbie's manager and father figure for many years. To Robbie, David was like Alec Guiness, and an Obi Wan Kenobi-type - a wise and kind mentor who shaped his life in countless ways. Sadly, David passed away in 2016 at the age of 72, leaving a deep void in Robbie's heart. But with this tattoo, Robbie carries a piece of David with him every day, reminding him that his life was forever changed for the better by this remarkable man.

The Saint

#28 - The Saint - 2017

The iconic symbol of "The Saint" has been a part of Robbie's life since his childhood, thanks to his father's fascination with the character. Growing up in the 50s, his dad would spend his free time drawing intricate sketches of "The Saint" in his diaries, which left a lasting impression on Robbie. Along with his love for the classic TV show starring Roger Moore, the symbol held a special significance for him. So, it's no surprise that Robbie decided to get "The Saint" tattooed on the back of his right arm. It's a tribute to his father's passion and a nod to his own appreciation for the iconic character.


#27 - Fez - 2017

Robbie wears a tattoo of a red fez on his left wrist in honor of the legendary British comedian and magician, Tommy Cooper (1921-1984). Cooper was known for his unique style and sense of humor, which made him a beloved figure in British entertainment. Robbie's love for Cooper stems from his childhood memories of watching the magician's performances on TV while munching on crisp sandwiches with his grandma.

Ace of Spades

#26 - Ace of Spades - 2017

Robbie has a tattoo of the "Ace of Spades" symbol on his right hand, located between his thumb and index finger. This tattoo serves as a tribute to the iconic song of the same name by the English rock band Motorhead, which was formed in June 1975 by Lemmy Kilmister. Lemmy, who was the band's primary songwriter, singer, and bassist, hailed from Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, the same area where Robbie spent his childhood.

The Two Ronnies

#25 - The Two Ronnies - 2016

Robbie's neck tattoo pays homage to his childhood heroes - the iconic English comedy duo "The Two Ronnies". The glasses on his skin are a nod to the trademark shades worn by the show's stars, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. Watching "The Two Ronnies" with his grandma while munching on crisp sandwiches is a treasured memory for Robbie.

Morecambe & Wise

#24 - Morecambe & Wise - 2016

Robbie's nan introduced him to the legendary British comedy duo, Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, who became a source of joy and laughter for him as a child. The duo's hilarious antics on variety shows, radio, film, and especially on television, made a lasting impression on Robbie. Morecambe & Wise were icons of their time, and watching them with his grandma while munching on crisp sandwiches is a cherished memory for Robbie.

Teddy Bear

#23 - Teddy Bear - 2014

Robbie has a teddy bear with a letter T on its belly, for his daughter Theodora (Teddy) Rose. He says she saved his life in multiple ways and that this tattoo is the one that means most to him.

Staffordshire Knot

#22 - Staffordshire Knot - 2012

As a proud descendant of Staffordshire, Robbie has made sure to pay tribute to his roots in a variety of ways, including through his tattoos and even his clothing brand. On his left hand, he proudly displays a tattoo of the Staffordshire knot, a symbol that has come to represent his love and connection to his home region. And as the logo for his clothing brand, "Farrell," the knot serves as a reminder of where he comes from and the values that he holds dear. It's a testament to the importance of family, tradition, and community, and a reflection of Robbie's unwavering pride in his heritage. The tattoo is regularly mistaken for a pretzel or a three-hole-knot to hang people with.

Sigil of Archangel Michael

#21 - Sigil of Archangel Michael - 2011

On his left hand, he proudly displays a sigil, a magical symbol believed to have the power to summon angels or demons. Specifically, this sigil is believed to be used to summon the Archangel Michael, known for his role as a protector against evil forces.

Pyramid and UFO

#20 - Pyramid and UFO - 2011

Robbie claims his favourite tattoo is the UFO and pyramid combo by none other than the legendary artist Keith Herring. This iconic ink is perfect for Robbie, who's a huge fan of both Herring's work and the mysteries of the universe. From the early 80s New York subway scene to multi-million dollar art auctions, Herring's art has made a big impact -- and now Robbie's carrying a piece of that legacy on his skin.


#19 - A - 2010

Robbie's love for his wife Ayda is so strong that he's inked a permanent reminder of her on his right ring finger with a simple, yet meaningful "A" tattoo. After misplacing his wedding ring not once, but twice, Robbie decided to take matters into his own hands and get creative. With a tendency to misplace things, he hopes that the tattoo will serve as a constant symbol of their love - just like his Celtic Cross tattoo. Because when it comes to his love for Ayda, Robbie isn't taking any chances.

Take That

#18 - Take That - 2009

When the Take That boys put their past behind them and rekindled their musical magic in Los Angeles, Robbie was thrilled beyond words. So much so, that he rushed to a tattoo parlor to etch the iconic "Take That" symbol onto his right arm - a mark of their newfound unity. However, not everyone was on board with Robbie's ink enthusiasm. When he proudly showed off his tattoo to Jason Orange, the reaction wasn't quite what he expected: "What have you done that for?"


#17 - L-O-V-E - 2007

After falling head over heels for his wife Ayda, he commemorated their love with a tattoo of the letters L-O-V-E, each one adorning a finger on his left hand. And in true Robbie fashion, he even added a cheeky twist with a rectangle around the letter L, to signify that he was a "learner" in love. But as time went on, his love only grew stronger, prompting him to remove the rectangle and embrace his full-fledged status as a love expert.

Burslem Coat of Arms

#16 - Burslem Coat of Arms - 2005

Robbie wears his hometown pride on his sleeve - or rather, on the inside of his left arm - with a striking tattoo showcasing both the coat of arms of Burslem, one of the six towns of Stoke-on-Trent, and the crest of his beloved football club Port Vale. Born and raised in Staffordshire, this ink is a permanent tribute to his roots and holds a special place in his heart.

Eye of Horus

#15 - Eye of Horus - 2005

On his neck, he sports an Eye of Horus tattoo, a powerful symbol of protection against evil spirits. The Eye of Horus, an Egyptian deity often depicted as a falcon, is renowned for its omniscient gaze and ability to ward off negativity. With this tattoo, Robbie displays his his belief in the power of spiritual protection.

Mother I Love You

#14 - Mother I Love You - 2005

Robbie wears his heart on his sleeve - or rather, his lower arms - with a pair of tattoos that express his deep love and affection for his mother. The words "Mother" and "I Love You" are etched in Old English font, inspired by the cholo or Mexican Gangster look that Robbie was drawn to at the time.


#13 - Hearts - 2003

Below both 'Jack' and 'Farrell' Robbie has a tattoo of a heart (one on each wrist).


#12 - Swallows - 2003

Robbie's two swallow tattoos symbolize freedom and loyalty. But according to the cheeky popstar, they also represent his adoring female fans.

Chacun A Son Gout

#11 - Chacun A Son Gout - 2003

Robbie's chest tattoo reads "Chacun à son goût" - a French phrase that caught his wife Ayda's attention on their very first date. As they soaked in a hot tub, Ayda mentioned that she usually doesn't date guys with tattoos, but the French words on Robbie's chest intrigued her. She quickly noticed that the phrase was misspelled, and should have been "à chacun son goût," which translates to "Each to their own (taste)." Despite the error, Robbie sees the misspelling as a unique and cool feature of the tattoo. And while the phrase may have been unintentionally altered, the sentiment behind it remains the same - embracing individuality and celebrating personal taste.


#10 - 1023 - 2003

The digits 1023 may seem like a random combo, but they're actually a clever tribute to his (former) BFF Jonathan Wilkes. J is the 10th letter of the alphabet and W is the 23rd, hence the numbers 10 and 23. But the friendship didn't stop there - Jonathan also has a tattoo of the digits 1823, representing RW, on his thigh.


#9 - B - 2002

Robbie's left ear tells a heartfelt story with a simple yet significant tattoo. The letter 'B' is inked behind his ear as a tribute to his beloved grandmother, Bertha, who was lovingly known as 'B' by everyone around her, as she hated her name. Though she has passed away, her memory lives on through this tattoo, which serves as a touching reminder of the special bond they shared.

All You Need Is Love

#8 - All You Need Is Love - 2001

Robbie's love for music and tattoos intersected when he saw his friend's music note tattoo and was inspired to get one of his own. While he can't recall which song his friend chose, Robbie opted for the iconic Beatles hit, "All You Need is Love." However, he put his own twist on the tattoo by personalizing it for his wife Ayda. On Valentine's Day, he crossed out "Love" in the lyrics and replaced it with her name.

Jack Farrell

#7 - Jack Farrell - 2000

Robbie has a tribute to Jack "the Giant Killer" Farrell on his wrists - Robbie's towering, handsome grandfather who stood tall at 6'4" and worked in the mines. As a strong Irish Catholic, Jack had a special place in his heart for his beloved grandson Robbie. Even though Jack is no longer with us, his memory lives on through Robbie, who carries him everywhere he goes - just like he does with his close friend David. From his impressive stature to his unwavering love, Jack's legacy will always be a cherished part of Robbie's life.

The Christian

#6 - The Christian - 2000

Robbie was raised Catholic and saw the image of "The Christian" - which is represented on the inside of his right arm - in a book and thought it would make a good tattoo and he's still very happy with it. It's a portrayal of Jesus on the cross with the Virgin Mary and angels surrounding them.

Elvis Grant Me Serenity

#5 - Elvis Grant Me Serenity - 2000

Have you ever been to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and heard the famous prayer, "God. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference"? Well, Robbie takes it to a whole new level. He's got the first line of that powerful prayer tattooed on his right shoulder, and instead of praying to God, he prays to the King of Rock and Roll himself - Elvis! But that's not all - before hitting the stage with his band, they all say the prayer together, and end it with a rockin' "Thank you very much" in true Elvis style.

Born to be Mild

#4 - Born to be Mild - 1999

Born to be Mild is a variation of the English song title 'Born to Be Wild' by The Troggs.

Lion's Head

#3 - Lion's Head - 1999

Robbie recalls Eminem's confession that rap music made him feel tough, even if he wasn't. Throughout his life, Robbie has faced moments where he didn't feel strong enough and needed something to help him push through. That's when his trusty lion tattoo on his right shoulder comes into play, serving as a symbol of bravery and a reminder to roar louder than his fears.

Maori Prayer

#2 - Maori Prayer - 1998

Robbie's Maori prayer on his left shoulder was inked by none other than renowned New Zealand artist Te Rangitu Netana in Amsterdam! This fierce design featuring a shark and the sea took 3 hours to complete and was way ahead of the tribal tattoo trend. But while the tattoo may have upset some Maori elders, Robbie's love for it knows no bounds. Not only does it look great, but it also serves as a symbol of protection against his inner demons, with the shark representing strength and the sea reflecting his lightning-fast wit.

Celtic Cross

#1 - Celtic Cross - 1993

Robbie's first tattoo was a Celtic Cross, which he viewed as a symbol of protection. Though he was raised Catholic, he no longer practiced the religion when he was 17. He lost his necklace and decided to get the Celtic Cross tattooed while in Amsterdam with Paula Yates while she held his hand. Robbie chose to get the tattoo on his right thigh so that he could hide it from his mother if she'd disapprove. His reasoning? He'd already lost his Celtic Cross necklace, so having the tattoo on his thigh would ensure he never lost it again.