Teddy Williams

Teddy Williams is the daughter of Robbie Williams.

Teddy Williams


Full name: Theodora Rose Williams

Date of Birth: 18 Sep 2012

Age: 6


Teddy is the first child of Robbie and Ayda, born in 2012. Robbie has a tattoo of a teddy bear on his arm, dedicated to her. He said that she has saved his life in multiple ways. Robbie and Ayda decided to shield their kids from the limelight since they were born. In 2018 Teddy made her debut as bridesmaid at the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. Teddy had plenty of show-stopping moments throughout the wedding, including asking Sarah Ferguson if she was the Queen. "Are you a Princess", Teddy then asked after being told a "no" from the mother-of-the-bride, to which Sarah answered: "Yes". Mixing with royalty, Teddy also showed that she was a natural when it came to waving to the adoring crowds that had stopped by to watch the second royal wedding of the year. Robbie says Teddy has entertainer blood too.