Betty Williams

Betty Williams is the paternal grandmother of Robbie Williams.

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21 Dec 1912

1 Sep 1998 (85)


In the tapestry of Robbie Williams' life, the influence of family extends across generations, and his paternal grandmother, Bertha Williams-Talbot, affectionately known as "Betty," played a significant role in shaping his early years.

Betty was known not only as a family matriarch but also as a warm and lovely lady within her community. When Robbie's parents faced divorce, he found solace in spending time at her home. It became a refuge where he could find comfort during challenging times.

During his tenure in Take That, Betty's home became a welcoming haven for fans. She graciously invited fans into her house, demonstrating her kind and inclusive nature. However, she was not particularly fond of being called by her full name, a preference that reflected her humble and unassuming personality.

Robbie's deep love and appreciation for Betty found expression in various ways. He had a 'B' tattooed behind his ear, a permanent dedication to his beloved grandmother. Additionally, his first self-written song, "Nan's Song," was a touching tribute to Betty. The song poignantly captures the emotions surrounding her passing, with Robbie expressing the belief that she would continue to watch over him from heaven.

In the Williams family, Betty's legacy lives on through the love, warmth, and enduring bonds that she cultivated. Her influence continues to be a source of inspiration for Robbie and a testament to the importance of family in his life.