Robbie Williams has been involved in 17 events for UNICEF.

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The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) works in 190 countries and territories to save and improve children's lives, providing health care and immunizations, clean water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more.

Robbie was introduced to UNICEF UK by the late Ian Dury, himself a UNICEF Special Representative in 1998, when they travelled together to Sri Lanka to see UNICEF's work. In 2001, Robbie became a UNICEF UK Ambassador and has continued to be a passionate supporter ever since visiting UNICEF's work on HIV and AIDS in Mozambique and South Africa, and fronting UNICEF's Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS campaign.


VaccinAid (2021)

In 2021, Robbie Williams advertised the VaccinAid UNICEF campaign. On Social Media he wrote the following: "We’ve been incredibly lucky to be well on the way with our vaccination roll out in the UK. But we have a social responsibility to ensure the rest of the world has a fair and equal opportunity to be protected against COVID-19. Which is why I am so proud to support the UNICEF new fundraising campaign, VaccinAid, which will help provide nearly 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines to countries around the world. The last year has been incredibly difficult for so many, but we’ve also seen what we can do when we all work together. We all deserve to be protected from this virus and return to the things and people we love most. So, will you#GiveTheWorldAShot? Visit vaccinaid.org"

Halloween Ball

Halloween Ball (2016)

The Unicef Halloween Ball is the freakiest fright night and Unicef's biggest fundraising gala raising vital funds for children. On 14 October 2016 Robbie performed Feel.

For Every Child in Danger

For Every Child in Danger (2014)

David Beckham and Robbie Williams have teamed up for a UNICEF UK campaign raising awareness about childhood violence. This 'Children in Danger' campaign coincides with the release of a new report that finds that a child dies from violence once every five minutes worldwide. Beckham, who has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2005, said of the campaign: "If you saw a child in danger, any child you would instantly step up and protect that child from whatever threat they were facing. Millions of children around the world are facing dangers every day - violence, disease and disasters. 'We need to grab this opportunity to step up and protect them now. Join me in supporting UNICEF's Children in Danger campaign and we can all help keep these children safe.' Fellow Goodwill Ambassador Williams added: 'I've met children around the world who are facing all kinds of dangers' kids in Haiti who lost everything in the earthquake and little children in Mexico at risk of violence and abuse.

Awareness of Children in Syria

Awareness of Children in Syria (2013)

From Robbie's website: As a UNICEF UK ambassador and someone who holds the issue very close to his heart, today Robbie's raising his voice along with the charity to help make some noise for the children of Syria. The worst winter in 10 years and exposure to unspeakable violence is leaving children cold and frightened. With heavy snows, plummeting temperatures and extremely limited food, fuel, clothing and shelter, children are freezing, traumatised and in need of our help. The situation is so desperate that for only the second time in UNICEF history a level three emergency has been declared. Only when the focus shifts from the conflict in Syria to the humanitarian crisis caused by it will any progress be made. Today you can help achieve this by raising your own voice online.

The Halloween Ball

The Halloween Ball (2013)

The Unicef Halloween Ball is the freakiest fright night and Unicef's biggest fundraising gala raising vital funds for children. On 31 October 2013 Robbie performed Angels together with Ewan McGregor.

Dublin Charity Gig

Dublin Charity Gig (2012)

In 2012 Robbie returned to Dublin for a concert to keep his promise to redo a show after experiencing technical difficulties in 2006. He played the gig 'in recognition of the fantastic support' from his Irish fans with all proceeds of the event going to Childline and Unicef. Fans could register for tickets from Tuesday August 28th 2012 until Sunday September 2nd 2012 at tickets.robbiewilliams.com. Tickets for the gig were allocated via a random draw on Monday September 3rd 2012. Those selected would have until midnight the next day to purchase them. Tickets were priced at between EUR35 - EUR45.

He played a full setlist: Phoenix from the Flames, Let Me Entertain You, Lazy Days, Let Love Be Your Energy, Karma Killer, Should I Stay or Should I Go, Old Before I Die, Monsoon, Rock DJ, Freedom, The Road to Mandalay, Eternity, Come Undone, She's the One, Feel, Hot Fudge, Candy, Kids, Life Thru a Lens, Hello Sir, Angels and Losers

Anti-Hunger Letter

Anti-Hunger Letter (2012)

David Beckham met British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday to urge him to take immediate action to tackle a hidden crisis that affects 180 million of the world's youngest children. Beckham, a longstanding Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, visited Cameron personally to deliver a letter that's been co-signed by over 50 sporting and entertainment stars including Ewan McGregor, Lewis Hamilton, Robbie Williams, Charley Boorman, Duncan Bannatyne, Harry Belafonte, Liam Neeson, Cat Deeley, Jemima Khan, Roger Moore, Vanessa Redgrave, Susan Sarandon, Trudie Styler, Eddie Izzard, Ralph Fiennes, Keira Knightley, Michael Palin, Michael Sheen, David Walliams, Jonathan Wilkes, Sharleen Spiteri, Claudia Schiffer, Whoopi Goldberg, Orlando Bloom, Boris Becker and Alex Ferguson. The letter urges Cameron to use his position to help reduce the number of children affected by 'stunting', the irreversible damage caused to a child's brain and body if they don't get the right nutrients in their first 1,000 days of life. "During the coming weeks all eyes will be on London for the greatest show on earth", said Beckham. "As a UNICEF Ambassador, I'm asking the Prime Minister to use the global spotlight on our nation to make children around the world the real winners of these Games."

For Every Child in Danger

For Every Child in Danger (2012)

Robbie Williams bonded with some of the world's most vulnerable children by visited Mexico City with UNICEF to make a short film on behalf of the charity. Walking through some of the poorest parts of the city, including the slums of Iztapalapa, Robbie was a big hit with the children he met, who gathered around the star for a cuddle. Robbie was joined by his best friend Jonathan Wilkes. 'Meeting children in Mexico City really showed me how dangerous the world can be for a child and how hard it can be for them to survive. Right now children are suffering and it shouldn't be like this,' Robbie said.

Flooding in Northern Pakistan

Flooding in Northern Pakistan (2010)

From Robbie's website: The worst floods in decades have affected Northern Pakistan and UNICEF ambassador Robbie is appealing for your support. Over three million innocent people are in urgent need of help, including one and a half million children. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area is worst affected; the government has put the death toll at 1,400 people with more than 100 people still missing. The actual figures are said to be higher. Access to many areas have been cut off by the rising waters, with houses, schools, roads and vital supplies washed away by the floods. Basic food items and medical care are at the top of the agenda. UNICEF needs your support and the children's charity is appealing for 30 million pounds over the next three months to help meet the needs of the children and keep the most vulnerable alive as the threat of disease increases. A donation of GBP30 could provide vaccinations helping to protect more than 45 children against killer diseases, while GBP 50 could provide water kits supplying five families with safe drinking water.

Earthquake in Haiti

Earthquake in Haiti (2010)

After the earthquake, Robbie went to Haiti to see the work UNICEF is doing in the wrecked country and try to raise the spirits of the affected children. Robbie's experience in Haiti was filmed and a short video was shown during Soccer Aid 2010 in June. Whilst in Haiti he met Denise Emurielle, 9, and her brother, who have both been housed in temporary shelters in Pinchinat, Jacmel. Speaking to The Sun an emotional Robbie said: 'This earthquake hit children the hardest. The children are so vulnerable. They're living day-to-day without the basic things they need and at risk of violence and abuse. I don't know about you, but I think this is wrong and we need to put it right.' Robbie was so affected by the tragedy in Haiti that upon his return he is launching a Keep It Up for Soccer Aid! campaign in order to raise as much money and awareness as possible for deprived children around the world, back home.

Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS

Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS (2005)

On World AIDS Day 2005, Unicef Ambassadors Robbie Williams and David Beckham joined forces to support Unicef's campaign, Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS on film.

More Precious than Gold

More Precious than Gold (2003)

More Precious Than Gold - Based around a poem by Simon Armitage, this short film gives a chilling insight into the horrors of child trafficking. The film was shown at the start of every concert of the 2003 tour.

End Child Exploitation

End Child Exploitation (2003)

Big-hearted Robbie Williams brought joy to street children in Russia when he took time out to visit a shelter in Moscow. Robbie made friends with one little girl - three-year-old Sabrina - who is living in the shelter because her alcoholic mother cannot look after her. He also met children living rough on Moscow's streets during the freezing winter months and was shocked by what he saw. "It's a real eye-opener seeing how kids like this have to live - especially when it's so cold during the winter," he said. "Luckily there are places like the Unicef-supported shelter where kids can come if they have nowhere else to go. "It's a place full of fun and and laughter and I feel really privileged to have spent some time with these kids." Robbie visited the shelter as part of Unicef UK's End Child Exploitation campaign.

Break the Silence

Break the Silence (2000)

Robbie Williams smashed through a wall with a 50-tonne crane and wrecking ball on Friday to symbolise the fight against AIDS. The singer was backing a campaign to shatter the 'wall of silence' surrounding AIDS and HIV, and took the controls of the crane at a building site in Silvertown, east London. The campaign, Break the Silence, aims to raise awareness of the reluctance of many countries to acknowledge the widespread problem of AIDS.

The Children's Foundation

The Children's Foundation (2000)

Singer Robbie Williams took a break to make a fact-finding visit to flood-ravaged Mozambique as a goodwill ambassador for United Nations Children's Fund. According to a report issued by UNICEF, more than 190,000 children under the age of five are currently in need of humanitarian assistance in Mozambique as a result of the severe flooding that gripped the county three months ago and has displaced almost 1 million people. Robbie was using his visit to help focus international attention on the plight of Mozambique, as the organization is seeking to raise more than $2 million in aid for the country and several other African nations, including Botswana, Madagascar, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. During the trips, Robbie had to be shepherded from site to site via helicopter due to the lack of infrastructure, and the singer also visited with children at an HIV center, as more than 350,000 have been left orphaned by AIDS.

UN 'Convention on the Rights of the Child'

UN 'Convention on the Rights of the Child' (1999)

Robbie Williams went to the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood where he joined in the celebrations for the 10th Anniversary of the UN 'Convention on the Rights of the Child'.

National Immunization Day

National Immunization Day (1998)

Robbie's very first trip for UNICEF UK in 1998 signalled the start to a very special relationship between the global charity and the man himself, one which continues to this day. He was introduced to the children's charity by the late and great Ian Dury, lead singer of The Blockheads, who was a UNICEF special representative. Together with the UNICEF team, they travelled to a war-torn Sri Lanka to help with a mass child immunisation campaign for polio and, during a ceasefire, Robbie helped hand out vaccinations in Jaffna, the capital city of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.