Pete Conway

Pete Conway is the father of Robbie Williams.

Pete Conway


Full name: Peter Clive Williams

Date of Birth: 26 Dec 1949

Age: 69


When Robbie was born, his parents ran a pub called 'The Red Lion' in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. Robbie's parents divorced in 1977, when Robbie was three years old. After the divorce, Pete focussed on his career as a stand-up comedian and singer and became an entertainments manager at Carmarthen Bay Holiday Village (Kidwelly) and Holme Lacy House (Hereford). When Robbie was on his summer holidays and whenever Pete was doing a summer season on a show, Robbie used to be backstage and watched the entertainers. Robbie had an idea when he was 10 or 11 years old "That's what I want to do". Pete tried to discourage Robbie, but also knew from when Robbie was a small child, he had the "X Factor".

Pete also was a licensee at the Port Vale Social Club. This led to Robbie's life long affinity with the football club. Pete married Melanie Milss in 2013 in one of Robbie's mansions. Unfortunately the marriage didn't stand and the couple got divorced in 2018. Since 2015 Pete joins his son on tour and sing one song together on stage; either Better Man or Sweet Caroline. Conway is a stage name. When he was an entertainer, there was already someone with the name Pete Williams, so Pete decided to use the last name of one of his good friends; Conway. In February 2018 he joined twitter with the handle @poppapete299.