Sally Symonds

Sally Symonds is the half-sister of Robbie Williams.

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1 Jan 1965 (59 y/o)


In the story of Robbie Williams, family has always played a significant role, and his half-sister, Sally Louise Symonds-Williams, has been a notable presence throughout his journey. Sally, nine years Robbie's senior, has shared a unique bond with her famous brother.

During the period when Robbie embarked on his solo career after leaving Take That, Sally took on a pivotal role as the president of his official fan club. Under her guidance, the fan club released several magazines titled "Solo." Sally's dedication to supporting her brother's career was unwavering, even during the challenging times when Robbie faced addiction-related issues.

Robbie's struggles with addiction led him to a moment of reflection, and he made the heartfelt request to his sister to disband the fan club. In his view, he felt he didn't deserve such adoration given his personal battles. Sally, understanding her brother's predicament, honored his request, demonstrating the deep familial bond between them.

Robbie's nephew, Freddie, arrived in 2000, and Robbie embraced his role as a loving uncle. The connection between uncle and nephew was evident, and Rob's affection for young Freddie was clear.

In 2004, a spontaneous idea during Robbie's 30th birthday celebration in Los Angeles would forever mark a special chapter in Sally's life. The idea to marry her long-term partner and the father of her child, Paul Symonds, was born during the festivities. Robbie, always one to generously support his loved ones, offered to cover all the wedding expenses, and the decision was made to have the wedding in Robbie's mansion.

Sally's presence in Robbie's life is a testament to the enduring bonds of family, love, and support. Throughout the highs and lows of his career and personal life, she has stood by his side, showcasing the strength of their sibling relationship.