Sally Symonds

Sally Symonds is the half-sister of Robbie Williams.

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1 Jan 1965 (58 y/o)


Sally Louise Symonds - Williams is Robbie's half sister and 9 years older than Robbie. When Robbie just left Take That, she was the president of his official fanclub and released several fanclub magazines called 'Solo'. Robbie had several issues related to addiction and asked his sister to stop with the fanclub, since a person like him shouldn't deserve a fanclub. Son Freddie was born in 2000 and Rob loves his little nephew. In 2004 Sally and long term partner and father of her child Paul Symonds flew to Los Angeles to celebrate Robbie's 30th birthday. At the birthday the spontaneous idea came up to get married in Robbie's mansion and Robbie offered to cover all costs.