Mack the Knife

"Mack the Knife" was first released in 2001 on the studio-album "Swing When You're Winning".


Oh the shark has pretty teeth, dear
And he shows them pearly white
Just a jack knife has Mac Heath, dear
And he keeps it out of sight

When the shark bites with his teeth, dear
Scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves though wears Mac Heath, dear
So there's not a trace of red

On the sidewalk, Sunday morning
Lies a body oozing life
Someone's sneaking round the corner
Is the someone Mack the knife?

From a tug boat by the river
A cement bag's dropping down
The cement's just for the weight, dear
Bet you Mack is back in town

Louie Miller disappeared, dear
After drawing out his cash
And Mac Heath spends like a sailor
Did our boy do something rash?

Sukey Tawdry, Jenny Diver
Polly Peachum, Lucy Brown
Oh the line forms on the right, dear
Now that Mack is back in town



Robbie Williams

Written By

Marc Blitzstein, Kurt Weill, Bertholdt Brecht

Original Artist

Bobby Darin


Alex Iles (Tenor Trombone)
Andy Martin (Tenor Trombone)
Brian Kilgore (Percussion)
Bruce Otto (Tenor Trombone)
Charlie Paakkari (Assistant Engineer)
Chuck Berghofer (Bass)
Chuck Findley (Trumpet)
Craig Ware (Bass Trombone)
Dan Higgins (Alto Saxophone)
Gary Foster (Alto Saxophone)
Gary Grant (Trumpet)
George Doering (Guitar)
Greg Huckins (Baritone Saxophone)
Harold Jones (Drums)
Jeff Bunnell (Trumpet)
Jim Cox (Piano)
Pete Christlieb (Tenor Saxophone)
Richard Flack (Pro-Tools)
Ricky Graham (Assistant Mix Engineer)
Rupert Coulson (Assistant Mix Engineer)
Sal Lozano (Tenor Saxophone)
Steve Genewick (Assistant Engineer)
Wayne Bergeron (Trumpet)

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