To the Light

was first released in 2022 as part of the "Lufthaus" collaboration.


I'm listening to your eyes,
Your fast friends are gone,
No surprise,
Not to anyone, when you say you don't care
You do
When you say there's more left in the tank
I know you're through
Are you gonna work it out
Before you die
You know you don’t heal
If you don't cry
If you don't cry
No trauma trauma trauma karma willing
No trauma trauma trauma
To the light I go
In the light I know
To the light I grow
On any warm day
One body one mind
Into the grief we are resigned
I hold the light
Like magic
But not for long
So don't panic
And they call it tragic
Find someone who loves you
At your darkest, not brightest and smartest
You just got to believe it
You just got believe it
To the light I go
In the light I know
In the light I grow
In the light alone
In the light
In the light
In the light
To the light I go



Robbie Williams

Written By

Robbie Williams, Flynn Francis, Tim Metcalfe

Recording Studio

Armada Music

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