Gwen Field

Gwen Field is the mother-in-law of Robbie Williams.

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19 Dec 1949 (72 y/o)


Gwen Maxine Field is Ayda Field's mother. She's an American producer and assistant director, known for Patti Rocks (1988), Black Irish (2007) and Young Blades (2001).

Growing up, Ayda remembers her mum working constantly to pay the bills, after her father Haldun Evecan left. Ayda said Robbie's loyalty and devotion to the one woman who has always supported her is hugely important. She said: "Rob loves my mum, I think the most in the whole world. They are two peas in a pod and I'm the one on the outside. Robbie would let Gwen move in permanently if she wanted to. It makes me even more in love with my husband and with my mum, because she can be bonkers and unconventional and it can be embraced."

In July 2019, Ayda spoke on Loose Women about Gwen's health, and how they realised she first had Parkinson's at Princess Eugenie's royal wedding. The former X Factor judge explained: "I had actually seen her hands shake before. I thought she'd been tested for Parkinson's, she thought she'd been tested for Parkinson's, it turns out she'd been confused and she's been tested for rheumatoid arthritis. I'd written Parkinson's off as a reality. And then it was about two days before the Royal wedding, you know when you have that instinct. She came into the room and she was talking about what she was going to wear. I'd seen the hand shaking before, something in that moment just did not sit right with me." Ayda and Gwen looked it up online and found that her mum had 'all of the symptoms'. They visited a neurologist the next day who confirmed that it was Parkinson's.