Gwen Field

Gwen Field is the mother-in-law of Robbie Williams.

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19 Dec 1949 (74 y/o)


Gwen Maxine Field is not only Ayda Field's mother but also a notable figure in the world of entertainment. She is known for her work as an American producer and assistant director, with credits in films such as "Patti Rocks" (1988), "Black Irish" (2007), and "Young Blades" (2001). However, her role as a loving and supportive mother has been equally significant.

Ayda's upbringing was marked by her mother's unwavering dedication to providing for their family, especially after her father, Haldun Evecan, departed. Gwen worked tirelessly to meet their financial needs, a memory that Ayda holds dear from her childhood.

Robbie Williams' loyalty and devotion to Gwen Field have been a cornerstone of Ayda's life. Their deep bond is evident, and Ayda acknowledges that Rob loves her mother immensely. The connection between Rob and Gwen is profound, with Ayda often feeling like the "outsider" in their close-knit relationship. Robbie's love and acceptance of Gwen have left a lasting impact on Ayda, strengthening her love for both her husband and her mother.

In July 2019, Ayda shared a deeply personal moment from their family's journey. She spoke on Loose Women about Gwen's health and how they came to realize that she had Parkinson's disease. The revelation occurred during Princess Eugenie's royal wedding. Ayda had noticed her mother's hands shaking before but had assumed she had been tested for Parkinson's. In a surprising twist, it turned out that Gwen had been tested for rheumatoid arthritis instead.

Two days before the royal wedding, Ayda had a gut feeling that something was amiss. When her mother discussed what she would wear for the occasion, Ayda observed something unusual in her mother's demeanor. She and Gwen researched the symptoms online and were alarmed by what they found. The next day, they consulted a neurologist who confirmed the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease.

Gwen's journey with Parkinson's is a testament to the strength of their family bond. Ayda's love and support for her mother, as well as Robbie's unwavering devotion, serve as pillars of strength as they navigate this new chapter together.