Haldun Evecan

Haldun Evecan is the father-in-law of Robbie Williams.

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16 Jul 1946

17 Aug 2014 (68)


Haldun Evecan, the Turkish father of Ayda Field, embarked on a journey marked by both separation and reconnection with his daughter. His story is a testament to the enduring bonds of family and the profound impact of reconciliation.

Haldun's journey with Ayda's mother, Gwen Field, began in 1978 when they married. Their union, however, lasted only four years, culminating in divorce in 1982 when Ayda was just three years old. After the divorce, Haldun returned to Istanbul, his hometown, and went on to start a second family.

For years, Ayda and her father lived separate lives, their connection severed by distance and time. In response to this separation, Ayda made the heartfelt decision to change her last name to her mother's, becoming Ayda Field.

The turning point in their relationship came in 2010, on the morning of Ayda's wedding to Robbie Williams. Haldun and Ayda had a heartfelt conversation that spanned an hour. During that emotional phone call, Haldun expressed his wishes for his daughter's happiness and offered a heartfelt apology for not being there during her formative years. He expressed regret that he couldn't hold her hand on her first day of school or care for her when she was sick. He acknowledged that he hadn't given her as much love as he would have liked, a sentiment that weighed heavily on him. In response, Ayda, the compassionate daughter, reassured him with a profound statement: "Baba, you gave me the best gift of all. You gave me life."

Their reconciliation marked a significant chapter in their relationship, and it was a testament to the power of forgiveness and love.

Tragically, Haldun passed away in 2014 at the age of 68, following a heart attack. His passing left a void in Ayda's life, but their reconnection before his passing allowed for a sense of closure and healing.

In 2020, Ayda took to Instagram to dedicate a heartfelt post to her late father. She reflected on the pain of his absence and the regret over moments they could have shared. Her post resonated with the raw emotions of loss and longing, ending with a declaration of love for her father, Haldun Evecan.

Haldun's journey, marked by separation, reconciliation, and the enduring love of family, remains a poignant part of Ayda Field's life story.