Haldun Evecan

Haldun Evecan is the father-in-law of Robbie Williams.

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16 Jul 1946

17 Aug 2014 (68)


Haldun Evecan was the Turkish father of Ayda Field. He married Ayda's mother Gwen Field in 1978 and after a marriage of four years, they divorced in 1982 when Ayda was just three years old. Haldun returned to Istanbul and moved on to start a second family. For years Ayda and her father didn't have contact and therefore she changed her name to her mother's last name; Field.

In 2010, on the morning of Robbie's and Ayda's wedding, Haldun and Ayda spoke on the phone for about an hour. Haldun said about that phone call: "I was wishing her happiness and apologising that I hadn't been there for her as she was growing up. I told her that I wished I could have been with her to hold her hand on her first day at school or to care for her when she was sick. I told her that I didn't give her much and certainly not as much love as I would have liked and that will haunt me my whole life, and my beautiful daughter replied, 'Baba you gave me the best gift of all. You gave me life."

Haldun passed away in 2014 at the age of 68, after suffering a heart attack.

In 2020, Ayda dedicated a post to her late father on Instagram. She wrote: "6 years ago today, I got that horrible phone call. In one second, like a thunderbolt, you were gone. I was 8 months pregnant with Charlie, and I thought the world was going to swallow us both up. I had to be strong, I had to carry on. In the years since you've gone, I think about the moments I wish we'd shared and the conversations I wish we'd had. Regret sucks. And it's painful. But today, I will shed a few tears, toast a few glasses, and let the Universe know... I love you so much, Baba."